Common Elemental Spells

Spells are represented as rotes from Mage: the Awakening and are purchased as merits. As a general rule, the dot rating of spell you may purchase is limited by your status in a particular magical college.

Level Name Roll Effect Duration Cost
Elemental Sight Wits + Occult Success allows reading of elemental energies Scene N/A
Amplify Light Wits + Composure Success reduces penalties to vision by 1 per success Scene N/A
●● Elemental Attenuation Stamina + Survival As long as you take no other action, environmental damage to you is reduced by number of successes Extended N/A
Elemental Shield Resolve + Survival Success grants Armor equal to Status Scene 1 Tass for a Day
●● Elemental Control Presence + Occult Success moves a strong elemental process such as a fire, tornado, flood, or landslide success yards in a chosen direction Instant 1 Tass for 10 yards per success
●●● Elemental Influence Strength + Athletics Increase or decrease intensity of an elemental phenomenon Instant N/A

Guild of Cantormen

Level Name Roll Effect Duration Cost
Dispel Elemental Construct Composure + Occult Unweave an elemental spell Extended N/A
●● Modulate Voice Manipulation + Expression Increase the volume and power of your voice, roll assists relevant social rolls in the next round Instant N/A
●● Shape Element Dexterity + Occult Move and shape an element with your bare hands Extended N/A
●● Sing down the Temple Resolve + Intimidate Reduce the durability of an object by 1 per success Instant N/A
●●● Empowered Voice Presence + Athletics Knock-down an opponent with a shouted syllable Instant N/A
●●● Restore Structure Dexterity + Crafts Each success repairs a point of structure Instant N/A
●●●● Transform Element Intelligence + Science Change the balance of elements in the area to suit your whim Instant N/A
●●●●● Flight Dexterity + Athletics Fly as long as you sing at 2x speed Extended N/A

Concordat School

Level Name Roll Effect Duration Cost
Speak with the Furies Manipulation + Expression see, hear, and speak with elemental spirits Scene N/A
●● Ward the Furies Resolve + Occult Grants armor equal to Status against spectral attacks Scene N/A
●● Lighten Anchor Wits + Occult Increases the distance a fury may travel from its locus Day N/A
●●● Destroy Fury Resolve + Occult Success does lethal damage to a Fury Instant N/A
●●● Control Fury Presence + Intimidation vs. Resistance. Success damages willpower like interrogation. When the Fury has zero willpower, it obeys the Concordat Scene 1 Tass
●●●● Sever the ties that bind Intelligence + Occult vs. Potency Destroy a Fury’s connection binding them to an area or master Instant N/A
●●●● Injury Fury Dexterity + Athletics Do damage and remove essence from a Fury Instant N/A
●●●●● Summon Fury Presence + Persuasion Requires 5 successes for every level of Fury being summoned Extended N/A

Guild of Evocation

Level Name Roll Effect Duration Cost
Telekinetic Push Presence +Intimidation Success knocks down target, resisted with Dexterity + Athletics Instant 1 Tass to do Bashing damage
●●● Call Lightning Dexterity + Athletics Brings forth a lightning bolt from a cloudy sky Instant 1 Tass
●●● Elemental Strike Presence + Athletics Strike an opponent with an elemental attack, range determined as a thrown object 1 Tass for Lethal, 2 Tass for Aggravated
●●● Flare Composure + Science Creates a blinding flash of light that increases difficulty for sight-based roll by 1 per success Scene 1 Tass
●●●● Elemental Pulse Stamina + Athletics Unleash a blast of elemental energy that damages an area around you 1 Tass

Guild of Invocation

Level Name Roll Effect Duration Cost
●● Elemental Protection Stamina + Survival Downgrades one point of elemental damage per success Scene 1 Tass for a day
●●● Bestow Elemental Shield Resolve + Athletics Bestows Elemental shield to another Scene 1 Tass for a day
●●● Elemental Touch Wits + Larceny Lift target object and move it at speed Extended per turn N/A
●●● Wings of Trimestigos Wits + Athletics Increase speed by 10 per success Instant 1 Tass
●●●● Cloak of Decay Resolve + Crafts Deals damage equal to successes to material objects that attack the caster within melee combat Scene 1 Tass for Day
●●●● Levitation Intelligence + Athletics Success allows you to fly at Speed Scene 1 Tass
●●●●● Forge Element Dexterity + Occult Imbue a sample of an element with magical power Extended N/A

Venator Society

Level Name Roll Effect Duration Cost
Analyze Enchanted Item Intelligence + Occult Learn properties of a magical item Instant N/A
Chronicle Resonance Wits + Investigation Determine past magical events Instant N/A
Counterspell Composure + Occult Counter an elemental spell by attacking its Potency Instant 1 Tass
Hunter’s Sight Wits + Occult Allows sensing of one nearby source of Elemental magic per success Instant N/A
Seek the Heretic Composure + Weaponry Subtract successes from called shots against elementalists Scene N/A
●● Sever the Threads Wits + Persuasion Add successes to difficulty of casting elemental spells in the immediate area Scene N/A
●●● Spare Sleepers Composure + Archery Your ranged attacks will not hit non-magic users for the scene Instant N/A
●●● Turn Projectile Dexterity + Athletics 5 successes allows the projectile to be turned 180 degrees Instant N/A


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