The Cities of Kuprian


Fortified hold-fast just inland of Kitron that controls access to the Golden Gate and watches over the civilized people of the island. The road to the mine passes through a defile adjacent to the fort’s walls and a gate bars access at all times. The fort is home to over 100 highly trained soldiers charged with keeping the mine safe and resources flowing to the Maharaja.


Village of autochthonous people on the north end of the island. Really a series of villages built into cliffs, connected by precarious bridges woven of tree fibers. The inhabitants subsist off of fishing and terraced rice farming. Young adults from Desa frequently travel to the other towns on the island to find work, or occasionally to raid for supplies.


This is a full polis, trading hub, and only deep-water port on the island. Kitron exports raw materials from the island: oranges, bananas, gold, silver, textiles, and copper to the outside world. Mostly, all supplies are levied as illegal taxes to bolster the Maharaja’s military. There is an agora next to the harbor with warehouses for honest merchants to ply their wares.

Golden Gate

Mining town built on the entrance to the caldera. The workers once framed the entrance of the mine with gold, giving the town its name, but that has since been removed to pay for the Maharaja’s wars with the other factions. Access to the town is difficult as it rests at the top of a series of switchbacks. Mostly isolated, communication usually relies on the patrols of guards or from pilgrims returning from trips to the interior.


Farming collective on the eastern plain. Jeruk is a village build of wood raised up upon an earthen and clay mound to protect from flooding or attack, The houses are further raised up on stilts to keep food-stuff safe from rats.

The village is surrounded by a fence of sharpened wooden stakes and the houses press close together on three sides with a fourth side open as the only entrance or exit. Opposite the entrance is a temple made of wood and mud-brick dedicated to the goddess of the groves.

The Cities of Kuprian

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