Status Cantat:

●: May learn spells and gain entry into chapter houses of the cantormen.
●●: May add Specialty: Singing to spells.
●●●: May cast spells as an extended action (1 roll per 5 minutes)

Status Venat:

Status: Venat Schoolman
●: You are a probationary member of the Venat school, charged with hunting down witches and violators of the laws of magic. Additionally, you are eligible for conscription by the armies of the Empire to counter battle magic. You may learn the highly guarded spells of the Venat school, used to counter and destroy enemy magicians. The spell level is limited by your status in the Venat school.
●●: You have returned alive from conflict with at least one rogue magician and are now a full member of the school. You may add your dots in status to cast spells against other magicians.
●●●: As a seasoned member of the Venat, you have come across magicians from other schools. You may pick another school (Mindweaving, Necromancy, Sorcery, Glamour, or Shamanism) that your counterspell works against.
●●●●: As a master of the Venat, you are responsible for training an apprentice (Retainer ●●) in the art of hunting violators.
●●●●●: You are either the head of a chapter house of Venat, training the next generation, or an Inquisitor hunting the most dangerous of prey. You may pick another school of magic (Mindweaving, Necromancy, Sorcery, Glamour, or Shamanism) that your drain power spell works against.


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