Children of the Vale

The Children of the Vale are an ancient and long lived race. Their lives span millennia, barring death from disease, famine, war, or the occasional carriage accident. This gives them a unique view on things. For instance, they hold human life sacred, because it is so very short. Children of the Vale will usually refrain from killing “lesser” races in combat out of pity and are most often seen outside of their homeland using hand to hand combat techniques. Their society is caste based, with each choosing their future at their coming of age after one century of life. Castes include the defender caste, the priest caste, farmer caste, artisan caste, and government caste. Despite this idyllic description, Valen society is far from pacifistic. They constantly have to repel assaults from the Werran and Darvori nations, as well as the occasional uprising of the young. Imagine being an apprentice smith, and having to wait several thousand years for your master to die so that you may inherit the business. This leads to a large disgruntled element within Valen society. The young either accept their places or travel into the world to make their own fortune. Using magic is as natural and pleasurable as breathing for the Valen, and they abhor the more blatant uses of elemental magic practiced by the younger races. The terrifying ancients of this race are not what the outside world sees, for the true Children have their own concerns at home. Beyond the borders of the Vale, the outsiders see only the young and half-breeds of the Children of the Vale. The Children of the Vale are very tall, over two meters in height. Their hair color may be metallic or normal, and their eyes may be in any color imaginable. Their eyes lack pupil or white of the eye, and are completely of one color. Each great house of the Children of the Vale has a distinctive eye color.


The leaders of the Children of the Vale most often come from this ancient house, their eye color is gold. All of the Great Fathers belong to this house, and their council directs the policies of the Vale.


The second oldest caste following the Kaalori, the Daarven produce some of the most adept scouts for the military. Their eye color is green.


Outcasts and exiles from the Vale, half-breeds with lesser races. Elves may pick an additional race and receive the bonuses and penalties from the other race. Elves are looked down upon by all members of Vale society. Elves possess the eyes of the race their heritage is mixed with. Most elfin nobles disdain work with their hands, and so the bulk of the military, artisan, and servant castes are comprised of elves. Characteristics depend upon the mother of the elf. Those born from human women are accorded less respect (same as a human in Vale eyes) and are largely human in appearance. This is unfortunate as they are more akin in spirit to Children of the Vale and are gifted with the mental constitution necessary to survive for millennia (however, they lack the longevity of a full child.) Vale-born resemble Children physically but tend to become deranged and senile as they become old.


The most ancient and respected house in the Vale. The majority of the high ranking members of the priesthood belong to this caste. Their eye color is silver.

Children of the Vale

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